What I’m Listening To: Tyga – No Introduction

3 08 2010

Tyga Tyga.

He’s on Lil Wayne’s Young Money ENT. He’s also Travis McCoy’s cousin (the lead singer of the Gym Class Heroes).

This is his first studio album from 2008, No Introduction.

Check out his TATS haha.

Track List:

1 Diamond Life” (featuring Patty Crash)
2 Coconut Juice” (featuring Travis McCoy)
3 “Supersize Me”
4 “Don’t Regret It Now” (featuring Patrick Stump)
5 “Pillow Talkin'”
6 “AIM”
7 “First Timers” (featuring Evan Taubenfeld)
8 “Cartoonz”
9 “Summertime”
10 “Press 7” (featuring Alex DeLeon)
11 “Woww”
12 2 AM
13 “Est. (80’s Baby)”
14 “I Am” (iTunes bonus track)(featuring Lil Wayne)
15 “Horrifyin Man” (Japanese Edition Bonus Track)
16 “Magical Flow” (Japanese Edition Bonus Track)

What I’m Listening To: Atmosphere – Seven’s Travels

25 07 2010

This is hip hop duo Atmosphere (Slug and DJ Ant) from Minneapolis, MN.. Seven’s Travels is their fourth studio album from 2003, I’ve included a couple youtube links as well so check it out!

Track List:

1. History
2. Trying to Find a Balance
3. Bird Sings Why The Caged I Know
4. Reflections
5. Gotta Lotta Walls
6. The Keys To Life vs. 15 Minutes of Fame
7. Apple
8. Suicidegirls
9. Jason
10. Cats Van Bags
11. Los Angeles
12. Lift Her Pull Her
13. Shoes
14. National Disgrace
15. Denvemolorado
16. Liquor Lyles Cool July
17. Good Times (Sick Pimpin’)
18. In My Continental
19. Always Coming Back Home to You

What I’m Listening To: Method Man – Tical

24 07 2010

Throw back to 1994! I’m currently bumpin’ the debut album of Wu-Tang artist Method Man called Tical.

1. Tical
2. Biscuits
3. Bring The Pain
4. All I Need
5. What The Blood Clot
6. Meth vs Chef
7. Sub Crazy
8. Release Yo’ Delf
9. P.L.O Style
10. I Get My Thang In Action
11. Mr Sandman
12. Stimulation
13. Method Man (Remix)

What I’m Listening To: Nofx – The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us)

24 07 2010

Hey everyone – just thought I’d post what album I’m currently listening to:

NOFX: The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us)

  1. “Dinosaurs Will Die” (Pump Up the Valuum)
  2. “Linoleum” (Punk in Drublic)
  3. “Bob” (White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean)
  4. “The Separation of Church And Skate” (The War on Errorism)
  5. “Murder the Government” (So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes)
  6. “Bleeding Heart Disease” (Heavy Petting Zoo)
  7. “Bottles To The Ground” (Pump Up The Valuum)
  8. “180 Degrees” (So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes)
  9. “Party Enema” (Surfer EP)
  10. “What’s The Matter With Kids Today” (Heavy Petting Zoo)
  11. “Reeko” (Punk in Drublic)
  12. “Stickin In My Eye” (White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean)
  13. “All Outta Angst” (So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes)
  14. “Leave It Alone” (Punk in Drublic)
  15. “Green Corn” (Ribbed)
  16. “The Longest Line” (The Longest Line EP)
  17. “Thank God It’s Monday” (Pump Up The Valuum)
  18. “The Idiots Are Taking Over” (The War On Errorism)
  19. “Don’t Call Me White” (Punk in Drublic)
  20. “Day To Daze” (S&M Airlines)
  21. “Soul Doubt” (White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean)
  22. “Philthy Phil Philanthropist” (Heavy Petting Zoo)
  23. “Shut Up Already” (Liberal Animation)
  24. “It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite” (So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes)
  25. “Franco Un-American” (The War On Errorism)
  26. “Kill All The White Man” (The Longest Line EP)
  27. “Wore Out The Soles Of My Party Boots” (previously unreleased)

KiD CuDi: “Kid Cudi Demo Tape”

2 07 2010

Hey everyone.

So Kid Cudi has a new album coming out soon called “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager”. There are a few songs out/confirmed from the album, REVOFEV (Revolution of Evolution), Mr. Rager, Erase Me (ft. Kanye West) and I Do My Thing (ft. Snoop Dogg). I actually haven’t heard any of the songs yet haha but I’m excited for the album.

So I thought I’d do a bit of a throwback Kid Cudi post today.

I’m putting up Cudi’s demo tape from even before his Mixtape (A Kid Named Cudi) surfaced. The demo has a few recognizable songs on it: “Solo Dolo“, “Sky Might Fall” and “In My Zone (CuDi Zone)” from his debut album Man on the Moon. The Demo tape also has the song “High (I Be)” which I’ve seen on Youtube before.. for others that may have heard it. It’s a good song to blaze to!

As for the other tracks on the demo tape, I suggest checking out “Never Come Down” it has a sick beat.. “Follow Me” is a good song as well and I like “I Hear Them Calling“. I included the download link below so check out the Demo if you haven’t heard it before and let me know what you think.. and look out for the new Kid Cudi album!

KiD CuDi: “The Demo Tape

The Black Keys – “Tighten Up”

22 06 2010


This video is kinda fucked up. lol.

I watched it stoned, and it’s crazy and the song is pretty cool. The song is called “Tighten Up” by the Black Keys. They’re a blues/garage rock band from Ohio, formed in 2001.

Check the video out here! – “Tighten Up” – the Black Keys

Lil Wayne: “No Ceilings (Mixtape)”

14 06 2010

Hey everybody. I’ve been in Africa for the last month, hence the lack of posts. Thanks to my buddy Geoff for his Billy Talent III post. I have some new African music to post maybe in the next few weeks haha I got a playlist of like 400+ of the top songs in Ghana while I was there.. so look for that.

I finally got Lil Wayne’s “No Ceilings” album when I came back to Canada.
Dope mixtape.
Here we go.

First of all, I tell this to all my friends I show Lil Wayne or similar artists to.. clearly I’m a white kid living in the suburbs of Toronto. I listen to the music, the flow and take the content with a grain of salt. You should do the same!

This is a mixtape that came out sometime in 2009, I just found it now though. He samples some recognizable songs on this tape, specifically Jay Z’s “D.O.A” and “Run This Town”, Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” (ft. Jae Millz), the Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” (ft. Birdman) and Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” (ft. Nicki Minaj). This is the full tracklist:

I feel like a lot of the tracks are just Wayne talking about how good he is.. but whatever it sounds cool haha. Check out “D.O.A.” and “Wasted“, which samples Gucci Man’s song of the same name. I really like the song “Throw It in the Bag (Remix)“. This song samples the “Throw It in the Bag (Remix)” from Fabolous, which has Drake and a sped up sample of The-Dream on it.

There are about 6 songs in a row at the end of the mixtape that I love. Probably all my favourites on the album. “I’m Good” (ft. Lucci Lou), “Poke Her Face” (ft. Jae Millz) which samples Kid Cudi’s version of Poke Her Face ft. Kanye and Common; “Run This Town” which is a Jay-Z sample, “I Got No Ceilings” which samples David Guetta-produced Black Eyed Peas song “No Feelings”; and “No Ceilings” which samples Cool and Dre’s flip of a Gladys Knight song, the song also features the Birdman.

My favourite track on the mixtape is probably the last song, “Sweet Dreams“. It’s a flip of Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” song and features Nicki Minaj of Young Money. Good track and good outro for the mixtape.

I’ve included a link for the free download of this mixtape! Please comment and let me know what you think!

Lil Wayne – “ No Ceilings (Mixtape)

Two funny lines from this album:

“Swagger just dumb/ Call it Sarah Palin” – No Ceilings ft. Birdman
“Spit hangin from my mouth/ Retarded flow” – D.O.A